Before & After Miramar Fix-and-Flip Project

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In December of 2015, Refresh funded a $90,840 hard money loan for a single family residence fix & flip project in Miramar. The purchase price was $151400. The Borrower plans to complete the rehab and flip it back onto the market for $155000, so the loan-to-value is 60%. The loan term is 1 year. The loan was made to a seasoned borrower, and it was the 1st loan the borrower has closed from Refresh Funding.


If you need a fast loan, Refresh Funding can provide Florida-based loans for individuals seeking rehab loans for fix-and-flips. Refresh offers fix-and-flip rates starting at 9.99% for a 12-month term. We like to think of ourselves as your choice for Private Mortgage Funding & Lending.

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